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20 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

You only have one live why not leave it in peace and Harmony

The word spice is referred to adding a flovour to your relationship, make it better to enjoy more

1. Always greet yourself with a kiss and hug in the morning

2. Send flirty text messages. Here's a huge list of ideas to get you started.

3. Compliment him

4. Play with his manhood before he steps out. Men kiss her breast bf you go out

5. Buy unexpected gift

6. Say “yes.” to a good ideal

7. Don't forget the big stuff that keeps the home fresh, such as prayer time, worship time, shopping together. Attending events

8. Always Prepare for him/her emotional and spiritually

9. Touch often.

10. Give him chill bumps with your dance moves.

11. Women do not turn your husbands to a babysitter but ask for help when needed

Men your wife is your best friend sister and more not your slave.

If you come a late when everyone has gone to bed, warm you food eat and say thank you when you get to the bedroom.12.

12. Always smell good, Cream your body very well and wear good perfume but light body cream before bed

13. Take your spouse on a date and weekend away

14. It is ok to have boys or girls night out but only with positive motives

15. Write what made you say yes on the breastplate of your heart that way you won't cheat on each other

16. Go to bed naked at least one a week hmmmm

17. Find a common program you both like and turn your living room to your cinema

18, Go to bed the same time

19. Do not forget birthdays. Valentine day and anniversary

20. Always have time for reflection

Someone might ask, TRC my relationship is lacking 70% of this what do I do

1. Pray for God to release you to start some of the things mentioned.

If your heart still wants the marriage then you will start by renewing your mind it will boost your desire to correct things

2. Go on a date

3. Breakfast in bed for men and women

4. Pick one from the list a week to do

5. Seek Counselling to help you regenerate your mind

6. Be yourself

7. Be positive and believe there will be a chamge

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