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Celibacy is the state of voluntarily being unmarried, sexually abstinent, or both, usually for religious reasons. Mostly used in terms of abstaining from sexual relationship

To be celibate is a personal decision made by an individual. The decision to stay away from sex does not mean that all emotional feelings is dead. Some people who can control themselves can handle kissing and

touching here and there.There are advantages and disadvantages about becoming celibate.

1. You are able to focus on life before marriage, this will help you make the right decision in life

2. Your self-esteem is not shaken by things around you

3. It is proven that your thinking ability is increased over 300%

4. Your spiritual, emotional, mental,and physical processing is increase

5. When you are celibate you eradicate any excessive fears of contracting sexually transmitted diseases/pregnancy

6. Some people feel a sense of control over their sex drive hence they decide to be celibate.

As a writer who does not believe in sex before marriage I will say stay celibate until you get a man or woman to marry. The sense of belonging will always drive our hugh to entre into a sexual relationship but,

if we are persistence we can overcome.

On the other hand we say reduce contact with men or women you feel so strong about. It is advisable to seek counselling before marriage after celibacy period. This will help the individual to prepare ahead a new relationship.

Remember that Fear and awe are close cousins in erotic matters, and it is an ironic tragedy that the same awesomeness that inspires feelings of total possibilities in the beginning of a relationship.

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