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Self-Relationship First

Self-Relationship First

When you hear the word “relationship”, what immediately springs to mind?

Is it Love, Sex, dating, male, female, friends or family members?

How many of you think about the relationship you have with yourself, before you even beginning to think about getting into others or letting others into you – in more ways than one?

How do you want me to relate to you, if you do not know you?

There are lots of questions to ask and satisfy your-self of when thinking about having a genuinely positive relationship with anyone. Luke 6:31 tells us to “Do unto others as you would like them to do to you.” And, even more challenging verse 35 goes on to say “ your enemies...without expecting to get anything back.” All of this might sound complicated and hard to do. We have busy lives. We have to work, cook, clean homes, look after children and possibly other family members etc.

We don’t even have time to smile much less to get to really and truly know ourselves. We live in a society that tempts us with quick fixes. We want quick fixes. We want someone else to make us happy and even though we know that we have to develop a positive relationship with our-self first, we continue the cycle of bad or broken negative relationships, looking for something external to ourselves to fill the holes in our lives.

We settle for second, third or maybe even fourth best. But if you don’t know what that hole is, what on earth are you looking for to fill it with? We want something good done unto us without knowing what we really and truly need or want. We must get to know ourselves, know what makes us happy, feel fulfilled, contented even.

Think about this for a few minutes. You want positive relationships? Yes. No problem with that. Most people want positive fulfilling relationships too. And quite right too. They should expect no less than you want for yourself. But here lies the very difficulty or problem. Who are you? What are you going to give or share with others about you, that you want them to equally do to or treat you?

Here is a suggestion. The Bible tells us that “God is love.” (E.g. see 1 John4:6). God loves us unconditionally. What is it that you love, that God loves about you?

What is your relationship with God? Why not shine the light on your daily relationship with God and share that light with others? If it’s good for God, it’s good for me, you and our relationships.

Here’s to God filled relationships!



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