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Do not make a mistake

Every product comes with a manual, to enjoy the product fully you need to study the manual and do exactly what it says. Marriage is a product made and ordained by God, the manual that comes with it is 'the bible', for a couple to enjoy marriage fully, they must study and apply the word of God on marriage. The will of God for the married is that you enjoy your husband/wife for time is short .The will of the devil is to kill, steal and to destroy marriages of those who allows him. There are seven weapons the devil uses to break homes/marriages, they are

No God, No fellowship, No regular Sex in marriage, No communication, No money, No in/out laws and No forgiveness. Precious people, how can you go into the journey of marriage without God the author and the chief director? everything you need to succeed in the journey comes from Him e.g. the grace, the wisdom, the patience, the tolerance, the humility, the unconditional love (the main key)etc. Hear it again and again, a home/marriage without Jesus Christ is full of Crisis. Precious people, check your marriage, can you identify any of the weapons of the devil mentioned above? If yes then go to the Lord in prayer, don't stop praying until you see them no more. The bible says if the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do? But all glory to God I have a good news for you- the righteous will pray and pray and pray until something happens. For the singles please seek the face of God regarding who to marry, allow God who knows the hearts of all men to choose for you. As you may know, not all in trousers and skirts are marriage materials. Please be careful singles, do not make the mistakes the married of today made and they are miserable, desperately looking for a way out.

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