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From the day I married

We all look the same under a cover of darkness, but a little illumination reveals who we really are. Sound scary? Probably, but be encouraged! That illumination is what helps us to grow- as humans, as Christians, as spouses. From the Day I Married: A Journal for the Serious and Committed Spouse will help you uncover the areas in your marriage- and in your heart- that need a little illumination. Then it will give you the tools to work through those areas successfully and to grow your marriage, through writing. Writing helps to discover patterns. It helps a person to be honest with him or herself. From the Day I Married will help you and your spouse do just that. But this is not just any journal. It hoplds the keys to the major challenges we all go through in marriage, providing biblical references and practical guides to help make a difference- and to help you make different choices in the future. With topics on subjects like conflict and forgiveness to romance and infidelity, From the Day I Married is husband and wife friendly and provides a weekly devotion on which to meditate after journaling, as well as an area to create a summary of what's been going on in your marriage every three months. Find your patterns... and a more fulfilling and prayer-powerful marriage. With God's help, all things are possible!

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