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Unsatisfied in Love making

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Hmmm unsatisfied in love making. The Relationship Counsellors explains how couples can improve their love lives. Often women will not say much when they are not satisfied in the bedroom but the truth is that they are dying in silence.

"According to the Women’s Wellness Survey, conducted by Everyday Health, the majority of ladies out there are feeling unsatisfied in their sex lives. Sixty-three percent of Millennials, 69% of Gen X’ers, and 75 percent of Boomers are not having particularly noteworthy sex"

When it comes to feeling satisfied in the bedroom women will usually say it's not about size but how well you perform with your size definitely not one size for all. The ability to sustain the bedroom is a mystery that is defined by both . A woman thought when it comes to the bedroom is shifted when she is feeling unloved and unsatisfied.

Here are some reasons why women are unsatisfied in bed:

  • When there is low energy in love making

  • When the bedroom touch, feeling are no longer effective

  • Worry is a big factor affecting the bedroom matter relating to unsatisfied sex drive

  • Poor communication with your spouse

  • Busy schedules


  • Improve your communication with your spouse to create an atmosphere for a flow and show of love.

  • Women should encourage their husbands to fulfil their bedroom desire to reach organism.

  • Men who are not romantic should learn to be more touchy in the bedroom and outside the bedroom.

  • Reduce your load and prioritise your relationship and sex life


Julieet Iyeyemi


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