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Why Couples Cheat

Why Couples Cheat

The act of infidelity in marriage is wrong in any relationship. People cheat for their own selfish reasons. Is it not funny how those who cheat cannot afford been cheated on. Fleeting and passing unusual comment to another woman or man who are not married to should be neglected in the physical and emotions.

I encourage partners to exercise patients with one another to avoid hasty look for answers outside.

Unconditional love should be a base of your commitment to your spouse.

Some of the reasons why couple cheat:

unsatisfactory bedroom.

Lust for unusual sex activities.

Lack of Attention.

Pressure at home can lead to unpleasant relationship especially when ears are given to a complain.

Lack of peace in the home can lead to unfaithful in a relationship. Where there is domestic violence men behave irresponsible towards his family. Statistics prove that women are more faithful in any relationship. We also have women who have crazy desire in the bedroom, if not satisfy, they will go out to get their desire granted by someone else. They are women who are worse than a men.

What is the Remedy?

Start communication on a new plate, It will help you understand what your spouse is going through and how to help solve the problem.

Appreciate each others feeling.

Appreciate and contribute to each others sex drive. Seek counselling if necessary.

Forgive where hurt is still fresh to allow a clean record

For more details speak to our counselling for appointment and advice.

Juliet Iyeyemi - Trc

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