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Don't Invite the Rapist

Don't Invite the Rapist. the reporter discusses how we in view of our own selfish reasons as parent welcome a rapist to the house to look after our youngsters. I as of late knew about a disastrous story where a girl age 11 was assaulted by a male housemaid while her parent go to work 8am and return back 8pm. I am not passing judgment on anybody but rather when the book of scriptures say prepare up a child the way they ought to go it was not alluding to the housemaid it is alluding to you guardians. The young girl case was conveyed to my consideration for counselling not even by her parent but her class teacher. She went to school 8am and return home with the school bus at 2pm which implies she is left with the housemaid who is a male for 6 great hours. I am certain before this child was conceived the parents asked hard for her to wind up to be. At 11 years old this defenceless child was assaulted rehashed by the housemaid until she got pregnant at 13 years old. Express gratitude toward God for her class teacher a woman who see her conduct was amusing after much cross examination she admitted to her that she has been raped and undermining by the housemaid in the event that she said a word to slaughter her and her folks. At the point when the case was conveyed to me I took care of it with knowledge and trust. The incongruity of the entire matter is the point at which the mother of the youthful kid now 16 chose she didn't need the make a difference to go to court due to her notoriety. I won't complete story for expert reason yet what I am attempting to state here is that nothing in this world comes in front of our kids. Some of you perusing this message think about mishandle in the house or outside that has influenced your little girl or child you hide it away from plain view as a result of what individuals will state. Are people's word more important than you child's life. Youngsters have conferred suicide in light of the fact that after they educate their mum regarding an assault particularly when its near home i.e Father, Uncles, Brother,Sisters, Aunties etc, mums don't trust their words. She try to convince the child to pardon the rapist and refuse to proceed onward with any type of cross examination or guiding.

4 thing you are doing to your.

1. Nobody to trust

2. You couldn't care less

3. Be very and Die

4. Durable Pain

I truly need to converse with Ministers. A great deal of Youth I have guided and worked with in the pass are Ministers kids who are excessively occupied with the congregation without observing in their youngsters' conduct. The Lord began with family and He will end with Family. You can't run a service without securing the service of your family first. Give me a chance to hit the nail on the head. Managing Directors and CEO What is your riches worth in the event that you can't appreciate with your kids the correct time? Why is your kid been mishandled while you profit if the kid slaughters him/herself tomorrow who have you been working for?

Government officials what sort of nation would you say you are building if your house is smashed on the grounds that your little girl was assaulted by your door man? You turned your male house-help to be a father figure to your princess.

At what point are we going to put our family First?

The rich and famous where is your notoriety when you child is in torment and can't get on in view of an assault you could have forestalled?

Everybody one where is our duty towards our child? I will appreciate your contribution or share your study to educate others. PJ

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