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Who is touching my Child?

​It is not usually easy to identify abuse with some children especially if the child is usually quiet. It take a good relationship with your child to fish out problems and abuse. You have to carefully analyses the situation which will include checking a change in the behaviour of your child.

Parents do not get too busy to find out what is happening in the life of your child.

If your child as been a victim of abuse, it is not too late to do something about it, If you do not do anything because of fear of the unknown or what will people say you have joined the abusers to increase the pain your child is going through.

Some parents especially from the Africa countries will often tell their children to keep it

quiet because it is a disgrace to the family not taking into consideration the effect on their child.


1.Check to make sure the child's health is not affected

2. Report to the authorities.

3. When you report an abuse your child feels safe and loved

4. Go for counselling to help the family cope with the new situation.

Counselling will help the child or individual to learn to trust again. An abuse child often have low self-esteem but counselling and family love will help the child come out easily.

Allow the child to go through Behaviour therapy depending on your believe.

5. Therapy helps the child to distress his/her feeling to be able to deal with any trauma or memories of

the abuse.

I will also encourage parent and child counselling to help parent and child developing stronger relationship. TRC

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To report abuse call Child help line today

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