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Let's Talk about the Bedroom

The bedroom is a special place for togetherness, showers of love, Itimate love making and more.

Trc Blog carried inclusive research on the bedroom and it's relationship with it's spouse. TRC address the issue of sex in a relationship. It will talk about reason and how to avoid problem in the home. Some reasons why trc is particularly interested in educating the mindset of man in regards to the bedroom.

  1. To improve your relationship

  2. Get it right before you say I do

  3. Reduce adultery

  4. Reduce diseases

  5. What sex is not

  6. Advantages and disadvantage of sex

  7. Positioning and G Spot

  8. How to turn your spouse on

  9. The youth corner


  1. Sexual intercourse

  2. Lovemaking

  3. Making love

  4. Sex act

  5. Sexual relations between a man and woman


  1. Not Rape

  2. Inconsideration

  3. Hatred

  4. Not for make up

  5. Not Anus

  6. Not banging

Book Trc to do a full presentation on the matter of the heart. Trc is fully qualify to teach on a conference, church events, youth programs and more. .


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