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He is Married I know But...

There is a thin line between love and hate when you find out that a man/woman you just got married to is already cheating on you. The first thing that will come to mind is why did she/he marry me? what have I done wrong? Why Why Why It is crazy to go out with a married man or woman when you have full understanding about their status. It cannot be express anymore, lust is not an excuse to cheat on your partner. The satisfaction in a relationship is all to do with the mind of every individuals. A lady who cheats with a married man is easily called a prostitute but a man who cheats with a married woman is called a guy. Excuse me they are both prostitutes though.. I do not really think the word prostitute is a good word to use in describing a cheating wife or husband. Women should acquire some reason when dealing with a fellow woman like themselves.

How can a woman who is sleeping with another woman's husband have the guts to fight the man's wife on the street. You know what they say, what goes around comes around. Everything we sow in life we reap. A typical example of a Man that goes home every now and then to hit on his wife not because she is not a good wife. but just because He is getting so much attention sexually outside his home suddenly his wife is not good enough.. Girls remember that the wrath of a woman is not easily controlled. What I do not understand is why a pretty girl decides to sleep with another woman's husband when she can attract a man of her own and why a young man decides to sleep with a married woman. I put it down to greed lust and disrespect.

WOMEN'S CORNER : Be wise not to fall in love with a married man because He will never be yours and you will remain the other woman with a curse on her head. Women stop causing problem for other women it will not go down well in the future. When the man finally leaves you the pain of the woman will hunt you.

MEN'S CORNER: Married men..I can prove to you that all women have the same facilities the only difference is how you use it. If you wife is not using it the way you want why not teach or better still go for counselling. Trc blog will drop some teachings on sex in the bedroom in few days.

Men be content with the love of your life to avoid tomorrow embarrassment.



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