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Corona -carnival what a bombshell..Anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown protest in UK today

More than 30 arrested during coronavirus protests in London. Police have made 32 arrests during a demonstration in central London against coronavirus restrictions and mass vaccinations.

More than a thousand people are estimated to have joined the rally in Trafalgar Square, among them 5G conspiracy theorists, coronavirus sceptics and “anti-vaxxers”.

Sections got into scuffles with police – some officers, with their batons drawn, were pushed back by crowds on the margins of the demo.

At least one protester was seen with a bloodied head while another was seen receiving medical attention on the ground, and London ambulance service said three patients were assessed with one taken to hospital.

The force said it attended the the Resist and Act for Freedom rally, which began at about midday, and attempted to encourage protesters to leave throughout the day.

“Despite this, protesters remained, putting themselves and others at risk,” it said. “It is important to remember that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, and the changes have been introduced to help control the spread of the virus, keep everybody safe and save lives.”

Dozens of officers, including some mounted on horseback, tried to break up ranks of protesters who had formed human blockades to prevent them making arrests, with loud cheering and chanting as they pushed back the police, according to the PA news agency.

By early evening on Saturday, the Metropolitan police said the area had been cleared.

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