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Coronavirus: Bogus contact tracers target the vulnerable

Fraudsters pretending to be Covid-19 contact tracers are calling and demanding money for bogus tests.

This is one of multiple coronavirus scams being used to target the vulnerable in Wales.

Police say criminals are pretending to be from organisations including the World Health Organisation and Netflix.

Stephen Jameson, 54, was shielding because of a heart condition and diabetes. He has been targeted by three separate Covid-19 scams.

He received a call from a bogus contact tracer saying he had been in contact with someone with coronavirus.

He said, we need your data, I said I'm not giving you any of my information," said Mr Jameson, from Newport.

"He said, we need all your friends' information so we can contact them, and I said I haven't been out so you've got your information wrong.

"He said, you'll have to go and get a test, I need payment of £99 for the test."

Stephen, a former computer programmer and call centre manager, spotted the call was a scam.

He said: "He actually came over quite genuine, and the way they portrayed themselves, it was all the right sort of words. He then became abusive, so I put the phone down."

Stephen has also been sent fake texts saying his accounts have been frozen, and emails pretending to collect money for a "Covid-19 relief fund."

If you are not sure about anything call the service mentioned directly



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