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A 'major incident' has been declared in Bournemouth after thousands of people flocked to the beach.

It has already been declared the hottest day of the year with temperatures reaching up to 32C in some places.

And plenty of people have been using the time to bask in the summer sun before the thunderstorms arrive into the weekend.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council said it had no choice but to declare a major incident as thousands of sunseekers flocked to beaches amid the heatwave and current social distancing measures.

Assistant Chief Constable Sam de Reya, of Dorset Police, said: “These are unprecedented times and we are urging people to stay away from the area of Bournemouth Beach and other Dorset beaches.

“The declaration of a major incident allows us to bring agencies together so we can take actions available to us to safeguard the public as much as possible.”

She urged people to take personal responsibility and “think twice” before coming to the area.

Manchester Evening News - 25/06/2020

Sad News

Sushant Singh Rajput: Bollywood actor found dead at his home, aged 34. Social media is flooded with tributes, with many reacting to the news in disbelief. The 34-year-old is believed to have taken his own life. Police spokesperson Pranaya Ashok confirmed his death, and said an investigation was under way. RIP 15/06/2020

Protest is a mess

Rightwing demonstrators, who announced they would turn out on Saturday to protect London's monuments from anti-racism protesters, were involved in scuffles with police outside Parliament. In and around Parliament Square, hundreds of people wearing football shirts, chanting 'England, England' and describing themselves as patriots, gathered alongside military veterans at the Cenotaph war memorial. The group sang songs in support of rightwing activist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 14/6/20 see link


Mr Corbyn called the lockdown a “pack of lies to brainwash you and keep you in order”. He was led away by officers after refusing to leave or give his personal details. avid Samson, 50, who said he works in finance, told the PA news agency that he came to the protest because: “I never thought I’d see in my generation the suppressing of civil rights” over a “fake virus”. A number of police officers were also pictured at the protest, and boos rang out when one protester was arrested 17/05/20


British holidaymakers are planning stay cautions in the UK this year because foreign trips are “too risky” and they would rather spend more in 2021, according to a travel firm. Tourism operator Kuoni said it has seen a “clear upturn” in demand for holidays next year, with the Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand, Spain and India high on the wish list for many customers. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office currently advises against non-essential overseas travel.

No respect for the Bible

Trump has an instinct for theatrics. Whether hugging a flag or staging a military parade, he understands the power of symbols. The St. John’s photo op was designed for this purpose but stood out for its obvious vacuity. Unlike previous presidents who referenced the Scriptures in times of national crisis, Trump did not. He offered no prayer, no words of peace or comfort, no heavenly perspective. Running a country with a heart far from God will not yield results. see more via link. 14/06/2020


Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, a 22-year-old microbiology student, sought the quiet of her empty church in Benin City, southern Nigeria, as a place to study. Hours later she was raped and killed in a crime that has sparked outrage across Nigeria. Last Wednesday evening, a church security guard found Uwa, as she is known, unconscious in a pool of blood, according to her family. She was rushed to hospital but died on Saturday afternoon. MORE UPDATED WHEN WE GET THEM. RIP 02/06/20

Have one language
Stay peaceful
Gas used to stop violence

Police have been attacked by demonstrators in central London, where thousands gathered despite warnings to avoid protests.

Groups including some far-right activists congregated in the capital, claiming they were protecting statues from anti-racism activists.

Boris Johnson said "racist thuggery has no place on our streets" after officers were seen being punched and kicked.

Some peaceful anti-racism protests also took place in London and across the UK.

The Met Police had placed restrictions on several groups intending to protest, including having to finish at 17:00 BST, following violent scenes last weekend.

However, pockets of protesters remained on the streets of central London after the official cut-off.

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